The Scottie Booth is adaptable to be either a full oval shaped photo booth, or if you’re short of space it can be used as just a selfie-pod.

Full Booth Dimensions: 2.0m(H) x 1.3m(W) x 2.3m(D)

Pod Dimensions: 2.0m(H) x 1.3m(W) x 1.0m(D)

The Pictures!

Not only will the booth take amazing high quality photos with the built-in DSLR camera, but there is also the option to record videos, and create GIFs! Also make use of Instagram-style filters to add a nice vintage look or pop edge to your pictures.

Get them fast

All images are printed in less than 10 seconds on high quality 6×4″ photo paper

Special Features

Make the most of the opportunity to use the latest 3D Green Screen and Facial Recognition technology to create fun and unique moments. Put your face on the cover of a magazine, take a trip with your friends to Las Vegas, or make use of virtual props!

The Props

Of course all booth packages come with a large selection of physical props for those that have always dreamed of feeling that Magnum PI moustache tickling their nostrils, or becoming Gotham’s  Dark Knight and donning Batman’s cape!

Social Media

The booth will be supplied ‘social-media ready’ allowing any/all photos to be instantly uploaded to Facebook, and Twitter.

Variety of Image Layouts

You can choose from various image layouts, and how many pictures you would like on each print.